The Practice of Oil Pulling 

Simply swish some organic, unrefined coconut oil around in your mouth similar to the way you would use mouthwash. This should be done anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. This process attracts and removes bacteria and toxins that live in your mouth and it also pulls congestion and mucus from your throat and loosens up your sinuses. How great is that?!

The toxins and bacteria bind with the oil and when you spit out the oil you spit all those toxic pathogens out also. The oil you spit out should look milky, if it is clear you probably didn’t pull long enough.

How to oil pull:

•Scoop ½ to 1 full tablespoon of oil into the mouth; if it’s cold, allow the oil to melt.

 •Now push, swirl, and pull the oil between your teeth, around your gums, and allow it to touch every part of your mouth except your throat. You don’t want the oil getting in contact with your throat or swallowing any because it’s now carrying all kinds of toxic pathogens.

•Now spit all the oil out in the toilet and rinse your mouth out with warm sea salt water.

• Brush your teeth thoroughly.

That’s it! A simple and effective way to help your body detox naturally.

❤🙏 LC


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