Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oil is the “lifeblood” of a plant because the oil protects the plant from disease, provides nutrients and helps to fight off anything it doesn’t want. It keeps the plant (or tree, fruit, bark, root ect.) Healthy and functioning at it’s best! This is what makes an essential oil different from a carrier oil (like coconut oil or grapeseed oil). Carrier oils are just fatty oils, while essential oils circulate through a plant to maintain it’s health and function. 

Essential oils were mankind’s first medicine! Today, they are still used to promote health in the body (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.) They are extremely complex containing hundreds or thousands of different chemical compounds; this is what gives each oil it’s unique attributes and characteristics. They work on every system in the body on a cellular level  to assist in the elimination of toxins, and the fragrance of the oils work on the limbic system.  

Why Young Living?

The brand that I use and trust is Young Living. Young Living produces a pure, therapeutic grade oil. These oils are a result of Young Living’s strict, detailed method for producing the oils to obtain the purest plant essence. They call this their Seed to Seal process. Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled. Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee ensures us that they cultivate their seeds, plant them on their own farms, weed by hand, harvest, distill on site and package in house. For more information on Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee click here.

How to start:
I recommend starting with the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the best value for your money. 

You get: 5mL bottles of the following essential oils:

•Lavender (the swiss army knife of essential oils)
•Peppermint (it’s refreshing)
•Lemon (it’s cleansing)
•Frankincense (it’s the gift)
•Purification (it’s neutralizing)
•Copiaba (a yoga/fitness must)
•PanAway (it’s relieving)
•Stress Away (for emotional support)
•Thieves (get well, stay well)
•RC (for respiratory support)
•DiGize (for digestive support)
•A diffuser of your choice
•Sample packets of Lavender, Peace & Calming, Lemon, Thieves, and Peppermint
•Ningxia Red samples
•Aroma Glider roller fitment (turn any oil bottle into a roll on)

Additional benefits:

•24% discount on all Young Living products

•A large community of others who use essential oils, this I can not put a price on!

•No obligation to ever sell  

•On going business mentoring for everyone who wants to build a business. 

When you are ready to grab your kit click here and follow these steps:


1. Be sure to check Wholesale Member to earn your 24% off any future orders.

2. Then choose the Premium Starter Kit you’d like (the kit with the Dewdrop diffuser is $160, the home diffuser is $170, Rainstone is $205 and the Aria is $260. My favorite is the dewdrop for starters!)

3. Unless you are ready to dive in and know you want to be ordering often, go ahead and just say No Thanks for Step 3 about Essential Rewards. No need to worry about that right now!

4. Now’s a great time to add anything else you want right away with your brand new 24% off discount. Some of my suggestions are Deep Relief, Valor, Oregano, Joy, Release, and Progessence Plus. Let me know if you want support for anything specific and I’ll help!

Follow the process all the way through to the end, where you will receive a confirmation email! Let me know if you don’t get that order confirmation email for any reason.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have joined our high vibe community. Send me a message once you have followed the process all the way through and I will get you added to our private forums.

❤🙏 LC